Making New Memories

Juliet Grayson joins us to discuss Pesso Boyden Therapy, a unique form of therapy designed to help clients heal emotional deficits by creating new memories.

Standing Up To Suicide

Paul McGregor tells the story of his father's suicide, what the experience taught him, and why it inspired him to work in mental health advocacy.

Eidetic Imagery

Eidetic practitioner Wendy Yellen joins us to discuss the history and theory behind the rather esoteric field of eidetic imagery and eidetic psychotherapy.



Poking Holes in Panaceas

"What's the best piece of advice for somebody struggling with depression?". Go to therapy? Try meditation? Exercise? If only it were that simple!



Moving to Patreon

Just a quick update on why I've decided to close the membership section on the website and move all my subscriber options and bonus content over to Patreon.



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