Entries by Danny Whittaker

Why Psychotherapy is Bullshit

Dr. William Epstein joins us to explain why he believes psychotherapy is not only ineffective, and possibly even harmful, but why it is little more than a civil religion reflecting the principles of radical self-invention and self-reliance deeply embedded in the modern psyche.

The Anatomy of Humor

Comedian and psychologist Dr. Brian King joins us to discuss the evolutionary origins of humor, whether being funny is a natural ability or a skill that anyone can learn, the mental and physical benefits of laughter, and why humor can be the perfect antidote to some of life’s darkest moments.

The Myth of Meaningless Depression

Johann Hari is a two-time New York Times best-selling author, award winning journalist, and one of the most viewed TED speakers of all time. In today’s episode we discuss some of the topics raised in his most recent best-selling book, “Lost Connections: Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression and the Unexpected Solutions”.

Going Apeshit: The Philosophy of Anger

Philosopher Greg Sadler is the founder of ReasonIO and editor of Stoicism Today. In today’s episode we explore the various causes, manifestations and consequences of anger, and some tips and advice from the Stoics on how to avoid hitting the roof when you’re absolutely steaming.

Interview with a Pedophile

Tom O’Carroll is a self-confessed pedophile, pro-pedophile advocate, and writer. In today’s episode we delve in to Tom’s early life, the experience of first realizing his sexual attraction to children, his failed attempts to lead a normal life, and his pro-pedophile advocacy efforts.

Power and Responsibility

Dr. John Cromby joins us to explore the concept of power and responsibility in mental health, why the origins of psychological distress lies outside the individual, and why acknowledging the limits of our own personal power can actually prove quite liberating.

The Midlife Crisis

What does it mean to be middle aged, when does middle age start and why does it matter? In today’s episode Dr. Christopher Hamilton joins me to discuss the relationship between the midlife crisis and such things as loss of identity, the search for meaning, and the fear of death.