Dr. Carla Perissinotto

Carla Perissinotto is an Associate Professor in the Division of Geriatrics, and first Associate Chief for Geriatrics Clinical Programs at the University of California San Francisco.

She is the recipient of the highly-competitive HRSA Geriatric Academic Career Award 2010-2015, and in 2012 gained international recognition for her study on the effects of loneliness on the health of older adults.

Carla is a contributor to the geriatrics and palliative care blog GeriPal, and every year, as part of her efforts to improve the care of older patients in low resource settings across the globe, volunteers her services in Chiapas, Mexico at the Hospital San Carlos which serves the indigenous people of Chiapas.

In today’s episode we discuss how loneliness is distinct from things like depression and social isolation, how it’s possible to be surrounded by family and friends and still feel lonely, how feeling lonely can have a negative impact on our long term physical health, and why we as a society are guilty of neglecting our older generation.


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