Prof. Todd Shackelford

Todd Shackelford (@TKShackelford) is Distinguished Professor and Chair of Psychology at Oakland University.

Together with his wife Viviana he is co-director of the Evolutionary Psychology Lab, leading a team of researchers seeking a deeper understanding of human sexual psychology and behavior by studying issues such as jealousy and infidelity, intimate partner violence and homicide, and human sperm competition and sexual conflict.

Todd is the Editor of the journal “Evolutionary Psychology”, Associate Editor of the journal “Personality and Individual Differences”, and he is also the editor of a number of books, the most apt of which today being the “The Evolution of Violence” and “The Oxford Handbook of Evolutionary Perspectives on Violence, Homicide, and War”.

In today’s episode we explore the evolutionary psychology of violence, in particular the sorts of violence that, on the face of it at least, appear to run counter to the Darwinian drive for survival and replication such as infanticide, spousal abuse, and suicide.

Along the way we also tackle the subject of “toxic masculinity”, dodgy statistics, the benefits of watching other men have sex with your wife, rape fantasies, and BDSM.


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