Prof. Yoel Inbar

Yoel Inbar (@yorl) is Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto whose research concerns the interplay between rational, deliberate analysis, and intuitive, emotional reactions and how these two kinds of thinking influence people’s beliefs, actions, and choices.

He is the co-author dozens of journal articles and book chapters, including the one which inspired today’s episode, “Political Diversity in Social and Personality Psychology“.

Yoel is associate editor of “Collabra: Psychology“, the official journal of the Society for the Improvement of Psychological Science, and sits on the editorial board for the journal “Social Psychological and Personality Science“.

He is also the co-host of “Two Psychologists Four Beers” podcast in which Yoel and fellow psychologist Michael Inzlicht (@minzlicht) drink at least four beers while discussing news and controversies in science, academia, and beyond.

In today’s episode we discuss why Social and Personality Psychology is dominated by political liberals, how one-in-three academic psychologists admit that they would willingly discriminate against their conservative colleagues, how ideological homogeneity affects psychological research, the benefits of encouraging more diversity of thought, and how to make the field of psychology more welcoming to political conservatives.

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