Paul McGregor

Paul McGregor (@pmcgregorcom) a mental health advocate and speaker who travels the country to raise awareness of issues related to suicide.

He is the host of the Paul McGregor Podcast, and the author of “Man Up, Man Down: Standing Up To Suicide“.

He is also the founder of Mens Fashion Magazine, and a short course lecturer at The London College of Fashion.

In today’s episode Paul tells the story of his father’s suicide, how he dealt with immediate aftermath including local media coverage, how it affected him and his family in the long term, what the experience has taught him, and why it inspired him to work in mental health advocacy.

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  1. Topher
    Topher says:

    suicide is such a profoundly tragic event – its in sharp focus for me this week as a good friend of mine just lost his 19 year old son to suicide RIP Dan.

    I wonder what is meant when I hear people talking about teaching mental health in schools or raising awareness of mental health? School for millions of people is the cause of great suffering so are we going to help people understand what it is about industrial/production line education systems that cause so much suffering? I doubt it very much – what is more likely is more of the same psychiatric infiltration that educates people in the medical model of mental illness and personal disorders and tells people to seek treatment drugs or talking for their own personal mental illness.
    How many more years can we be stuck with this myopic clearly harmful approach that helps power hide and continue on with business as usual – Politicians can look caring by investing in mental health services but when will they and we invest in mentally healthy cultures/institutions and policy -This is complex stuff requiring great effort, resources and awareness.

    I agree about taking responsibility but surely the first responsibility is to speak honestly and directly about the causes of suffering and act together to make change happen. How can we do this while blinded by such cultural disorders we seem unable or unwilling to discuss – perhaps its just easier to encourage each spot the signs and symptoms of suffering while ignoring the causes and help psychiatry and drug companies maintain this toxic state of affairs that makes billions for the powerful.

    I’ve met so many people over the years working in services and it seems that we are are all often so conditioned by cultural disorders/norms that it takes several sessions to help people connect with and understand how their suffering is actually perfectly normal once we shine some safe light on their personal life contexts – these contexts are really quite hard for many to acknowledge because having a shitty harmful job is normal, debt is normal, no community is normal, dependencies of all sorts are normal, no time is normal, massive stress is normal, crushing routine is normal, shift work is normal, advertising is normal, consumerism is normal,isolation is normal, fear is normal, rubbish food is normal, substances misuse is normal, chronic low self esteem is normal, ignorance of class power is normal, obfuscation and mystification is normal, media lies and misinformation is normal, mental health services causing massive suffering to staff is normal and on and on the mantra for most seems to be ‘you’ve just got to get on with it’

    how do we raise our self esteem and start to speak honestly and clearly about the soil our collective roots are currently rotting in.

    Thanks for the conversation Danny and your efforts with the pod cast I hope you can keep things going


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